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Americomp AM2 X-Ray System

AM2 Offers Outstanding Value in Orthopedic Radiography


Maximize Your Imaging Dollars

Ideal for private office or clinic, this economical system provides all of the benefits of the AM1 system except the elevating table feature.

This system also includes a handsome four-way float-top table with a precision tabletop bearing system. Cross-table, weight-bearing knees, chest procedures, table work — all are possible with the full-featured rotational tubestand.


  • Also included is the accurately counterbalanced orthopedic wallstand.
  • As with the elevator table system, the AM2 four-way system has electric locks on all table and tubestand motions.


Complement either Americomp orthopedic system with your choice from a complete line of high-quality, state-of-the-art generators.  CONTACT US for accompanying literature.

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