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Americomp AV30HF X-Ray System

AV30HF Integrated High Frequency Generator System


The AV3oHF System produces x-ray images with improved resolution and contrast while affording the operator fast, easy technique selection.


Compared to conventional 60 Hertz generators,High Frequency technology produces more x-ray in less time. Exposure time reduction will minimize image blur caused by motion.


By producing a more effective kV, HF technology improves penetration power, allowing for lower kV settings. The resulting scatter radiation is minimized, eliminating gray,fogged films.


The front mounted control panel provides important exposureinformation and easy access for persons of any height. Completely sealed from animal fluids.


Digital Display


Important exposure information is prominently displayed on the system tubestand, easily within the operator’s line of sight. Special protective covers eliminate any possible animal damage.


Simplex™ CassetteTray


  • The patented Simplex™ cassette tray has no moving parts, so it’s twice as easy to load.
  • Accepts 8 x 10, 10 x 12 and 14 x 17 inch cassettes in thelong or cross directions.


Standard Features


  • Convenient Light Beam Collimator Provides a high intensity light field forquick, accurate positioning.
  • Swivel mechanism facilitates table-top procedures.


Optional Features


  • Table-top extension (either end) adds 12″ of table length for very large animals or standing lateral views.
  • Tie-down brackets offer non-manual restraint capabilities.
  • Out-of-room expos

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