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Americomp AC1 X-Ray System

AC1 Allows a Broad Range of Motion for a Low Cost


An Affordable Choice For Your Chiropractic Practice


AC1 System accomodates up to a 14″ x 17″ (35 cmx43 cm) cassette in either direction, allowing a broad range of procedures.


The Wallstand utilizes a precision bearing system that provides effortless vertical travel of the grid and the cassette tray.Such full vertical travelling wallstands allow examination of standing knee and ankle procedures.






  • Spectra 40HF Generator
  • Spectra 30HF Generator




  • Floor-to-wall or ceiling (specify at time of order)
  • 5 foot tracks
  • 10″ tubearm
  • Angulating port-style tubemount
  • Angulation dial and operator handles
  • Fully counterbalanced
  • Mechanical locks


A120 – TUBE

  • 140,000 H.U., 1.0-2.0 mm focal spot, 90 degree horns


A1911 TRAY


  • Regular-duty manual tray with cassette blocker


A0010 – CABLES


  • 10′ maxi-flex high voltage cables; federal terminations




  • Certified, manual collimator with light field




  • 17″ x 17″ grid cabinet with front panel travels floor to 76″
  • Specify left or right hand load
  • Mechanical locks
  • Fully counterbalanced




  • 103 line 8:1 aluminum grid




  • Electric lock for wallstand
  • Electric lock for tubestand
  • Swivel mount for collimator
  • Heavy-duty cassette tray
  • 36″ full spine wallstand with grid
  • 500mA generator upgrade
  • Anatomical Programmed console on 30HF
  • 103 LPI, 10:1 grid upgrade
  • 178 LPI, 8:1 grid upgrade for digital
  • Step-up transformer, 1 phase
  • 5-year parts warranty

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