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Chiropractic Medlink Imaging

Medlink CDR

The Medlink CDR is a smaller more compact system which comes with a variety of features such as full software integration, magnetic lock brakes, 40kw generator, LED collimator, and a removeable grid.

This X-ray solution can fit in virtually any X-ray room as well as drastically cut down installation time reducing clinical downtime.

Bucky Enclosure

Features powerful magnetic lock brakes from handle control to raise and lower the system effortlessly. Fully counterbalanced, ultra small footprint solution.

Tube Head

Features a dual laser rotating LED collimator with precise alignment and a fixed 40in. SID system with optional Automatic Exposure Control (AEC).

Head to Toe Positioning

The Medlink CDR can seamlessly raise and lower to accommodate all standing exams from skull to lower extremities. This maintains constant tube and bucky alignment, improving workflow.

The Chiro Solution

This all-in-one Radiographic solution combines cutting edge technology with a high quality hardware design ideal for today’s fast paced, high demand Chiropractic environment.


NEW VIVIX DR 17 x 17 “V” Fixed Gadox Panel
Customized Workstation pre-loaded with the cutting edge VXvue Viewing Software
NEW QXLink 3.3 Mini PACS including Chiropractic Measurement Tools
Tube, Wall Stand, and Collimator
30kW HF Generator
DICOMesh Backup and Recovery System
5-Year System Warranty

Medlink SDR Plus

The Medlink SDR+, is a digital radiography (DR) system designed for a wide range of general and specialized diagnostic imaging

Unlimited Exam Possibilities

Quick, easy stand positioning along with motorized source-image-distance (SID) adjustment enables a wide spectrum of upright imaging of the chest, abdomen and other skeletal exams as well as supine imaging of patients on the optional mobile table including various oblique techniques.

Ergonomic user interface with multi-language support, simple APR technique selection with automated exposure parameter adjustment settings for patientsize, enable a high patient throughput. The Medlink SDR+ offers a unique feature-rich design making it universally useful in all applications of diagnostic radiography.

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